Received from Norbert Koczorski

A very nice contribution from Norbert to my paper bag mail art call.

A couple of pigs celebrating the new year for Nicole Eippers

This envelope frustrates me. I must confess. The reason is the following. The two pigs come from a paper napkin. My first objective was to collage the pieces of napkin on the envelope that is made from a paper bag. I had seen this technique used many times on YouTube. But all my trials failed. I got wrinkles. The napkin tore. So, I finally gave up and I scanned the napkin, printed the pigs on a sheet of paper and cut them out. If you have good advices/tips to collage a paper napkin I would be happy to hear from you, as this is a technique I really want to try!

New Year wishes from Philippe Charron

Phillippe’s new year wishes had to come in a fantastic envelope…

Sent to Jean Wilson

I'm very into Alice in Wonderland these days... The envelope is made from a paper bag that has been gelli printed.

Sent to Uwe Klein

A collage made on a gelli printed background for Uwe.

Sent to Christiane Hurel

I reused an idea that I previously used to create this envelope for Christiane.

Digital mail art (cont'd)

More digital mail art. An envelope for Susanne Schumacher, using the digital kit Alice from Foxeysquirrel.

And two envelopes made with the kit "Artful Marks Monsieur" from Jean Maddock. One for Lars Shcumacher. And one for Valdor.